OSL – Big Screen, Arrival Domestic West



1920 x 1080 pixels

Actual pixels 1350×720.

The content will scale if delivered as 1920×1080, but can be delivered as 1350×720 for best compatability/result.

The total screen consist of two frames:
Short panel: 450x1260px (Width x Height).
Main panel: 1350x1260px (Width x Height).
Deliver each frame as a separate file. It is possible to mix between video and picture file formats. They will be combined in our playback system.

Ad length

10 seconds


MP4 or MOV. Use H264 codec for MP4. Do not exceed 20000 KB/S
JPG or PNG. 72 DPI

Material deadline

Minimum 3 working days before campaign start. Exceptions for HTML, see below.

Delivery notes


E.g: 2018_06_Big Screen-Arrival_OSL_AmericanExpress.mov

Other notes

  • Corner Screen, synced as one screen. Deliver two files.
  • Large screen. 16:9 format OR true to resolution as specified.

Please avoid very small text if possible.

HTML: Resolution may vary. Please contact knut.hoydalsvik@clearchannel.no for exact infomation.

Deadline delivery: 10 working days.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http//clearchannel.no/last-opp-filer/

Ring oss

På 22 02 34 00. Eller send en epost til post@clearchannel.no